An Interview with Erin Beaty, Author of Blood and Moonlight

June 15, 2022 | 12:00 PM

An Interview with Erin Beaty, Author of Blood and Moonlight

By Team Fierce Reads
This book has everything: a gorgeous cover, stunning magic, swoony romance, phenomenal world-building, and, oh, a serial killer. 😱 We were completely captivated by Blood and Moonlight from the very first page and know you will be, too, but if you need some extra incentive to pick this one up, be sure to check out this interview with the author! What makes Catrin fierce? Cat will do anything to protect the people she loves, even when she's angry with them. The problem is that shielding some members of her family begins to endanger the others. What's the most interesting thing you learned while researching Blood and Moonlight? As the seed idea for the book was growing, we had a plant called angel trumpets in the yard of the house we rented in New Orleans. The neighbors told me not to sniff them too deeply or I'd start seeing things! Researching hallucinogenic flowers led me to Datura stramonium, which are also known as jimsonweed . . . or moonflowers. I tweaked the details a bit for the story, but moonflowers in the book are based on real-world plants. If you'd met Catrin as a teen, would you have been friends with her? We probably would have gotten along given her love of architecture, but her comfort with heights is definitely NOT something we have in common. What's one fun fact most people don't know about you? I'm not tall, but I wear a size 10+ shoe. When we lived in Korea, the only shoes I could ever find in my size were in the men's departments, and usually in the clearance section. What's your favorite part of being an author? I love hearing from readers, especially the ones who are inspired to start writing their own stories or young women who decided to study engineering because of me (really!). I also love teaching writing skills and was honored to be asked to work with the Armed Services Arts Partnership. What's the most challenging part of being an author? Besides writing? What 3 words would you use to describe Blood and Moonlight? Moonlight, magick, and murder! Blood and Moonlight by Erin Beaty In Erin Beaty's fantasy mystery-thriller, Blood and Moonlight, an orphan with a secret, magical sight gets caught between a mysterious genius and the serial killer he’s hunting. Rising above the city of Collis is the holy Sanctum. And watching over its spires is Catrin, an orphan girl with unique skills—for she alone can spot the building’s flaws in construction before they turn deadly. But when Catrin witnesses a murderer escaping the scene of his crime, she’s pulled into a dangerous chain of events where the only certainty is that the killer will strike again. Assigned to investigate is the mysterious and brilliant Simon, whose insights into the mind of a predator are frighteningly accurate. As the grisly crimes continue, Catrin finds herself caught between killer and detective while hiding her own secret—a supernatural sight granted by the moon, destined to make her an outcast, and the only thing that might save her and those she loves from becoming the next victims . . .


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