Take An Early Sneak Peek of The Silent Unseen

August 25, 2021 | 1:00 PM

Take An Early Sneak Peek of The Silent Unseen

By Team Fierce Reads
Can you believe Traitor came out a year ago today? We loved Amanda McCrina's tightly woven YA debut thrill ride and truly cannot wait for her next novel—which is why we're sharing an exclusive sneak peek of The Silent Unseen right now! But before we let you get to the good stuff, we have a note from the author herself about her upcoming book. "In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Traitor's release, I'm excited to share an excerpt from my next WWII novel, The Silent Unseen! While The Silent Unseen is a standalone story, it does pick up a few of the threads left hanging at the end of Traitor. Like Traitor, The Silent Unseen takes place in Poland and explores the complex conflict between Poles and Ukrainians in and around the city of Lwów in the summer of 1944. The story follows Maria, a Polish girl, and Kostya, a Ukrainian boy, as they reluctantly work together to find Maria's missing brother, a Polish Resistance officer. I'm so excited for you all to meet these two, and I hope you love their story and its themes of reconciliation and bridge-building as much as I do. A big thank-you to all of the wonderful readers who've supported Traitor in its first year of release! I can't wait to share The Silent Unseen with you."
The Silent Unseen by Amanda McCrina A mesmerizing historical novel of suspense and intrigue about a teenage girl who risks everything to save her missing brother. Poland, July 1944. Sixteen-year-old Maria is making her way home after years of forced labor in Nazi Germany, only to find her village destroyed and her parents killed in a war between the Polish Resistance and Ukrainian nationalists. To Maria’s shock, the local Resistance unit is commanded by her older brother, Tomek—who she thought was dead. He is now a “Silent Unseen,” a special-operations agent with an audacious plan to resist a new and even more dangerous enemy sweeping in from the East. When Tomek disappears, Maria is determined to find him, but the only person who might be able to help is a young Ukrainian prisoner and the last person Maria trusts—even as she feels a growing connection to him that she can’t resist. Tightly woven, relentlessly intense, The Silent Unseen depicts an explosive entanglement of loyalty, lies, and love during wartime, from the acclaimed author of Traitor Amanda McCrina.


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