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  1. Images for The Ballad of Ami Miles

    The Ballad of Ami Miles

    by Kristy Dallas Alley
  2. Images for Scorpion


    by Jeff Sweat
  3. Images for An Outcast and an Ally

    An Outcast and an Ally

    by Caitlin Lochner
  4. Images for Hostile Territory

    Hostile Territory

    by Paul Greci
  5. Images for Rebel


    by Marie Lu
  6. Images for A Soldier and A Liar

    A Soldier and A Liar

    by Caitlin Lochner
  7. Images for Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse

    by Katharine Turner and Barry Waldo
  8. Images for Last Pick

    Last Pick

    by Jason Walz
  9. Images for Mayfly


    by Jeff Sweat
  10. Images for The Equals

    The Equals

    by Daniel Sweren-Becker
  11. Images for Vanguard


    by Ann Aguirre
  12. Images for Perfect


    by Cecelia Ahern
  13. Images for The Ones

    The Ones

    by Daniel Sweren-Becker
  14. Images for Nil Remembered

    Nil Remembered

    by Lynne Matson
  15. Images for Nil on Fire

    Nil on Fire

    by Lynne Matson
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