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  1. Images for Silence and Shadow

    Silence and Shadow

    by Erin Beaty
  2. Images for The Changing Man

    The Changing Man

    by Tomi Oyemakinde
  3. Images for Garden of the Cursed

    Garden of the Cursed

    by Katy Rose Pool
  4. Images for Warrior Girl Unearthed

    Warrior Girl Unearthed

    by Angeline Boulley
  5. Images for The Headmaster’s List

    The Headmaster’s List

    by Melissa de la Cruz
  6. Images for Promise Boys

    Promise Boys

    by Nick Brooks
  7. Images for Into the Sublime

    Into the Sublime

    by Kate A. Boorman
  8. Images for The Black Girls Left Standing

    The Black Girls Left Standing

    by Juliana Goodman
  9. Images for Blood and Moonlight

    Blood and Moonlight

    by Erin Beaty
  10. Images for You Should Have Seen This Coming

    You Should Have Seen This Coming

    by Shani Michelle
  11. Images for Cold


    by Mariko Tamaki
  12. Images for The Red Palace

    The Red Palace

    by June Hur
  13. Images for Eyes of the Forest

    Eyes of the Forest

    by April Henry
  14. Images for Dagger Hill

    Dagger Hill

    by Devon Taylor
  15. Images for Darling


    by K. Ancrum
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