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  1. Unbeatable


    by Phillip Hoose
  2. Icebreaker


    by A.L. Graziadei
  3. Dangerous Play

    Dangerous Play

    by Emma Kress
  4. Check, Please!: Sticks & Scones

    Check, Please!: Sticks & Scones

    by Ngozi Ukazu
  5. Dragon Hoops

    Dragon Hoops

    by Gene Luen Yang
  6. Mighty Moe

    Mighty Moe

    by Kit Fox and Rachel Swaby
  7. The Prodigy

    The Prodigy

    by John Feinstein
  8. Surviving Adam Meade

    Surviving Adam Meade

    by Shannon Klare
  9. Girls Can't Hit

    Girls Can't Hit

    by T. S. Easton
  10. How We Roll

    How We Roll

    by Natasha Friend
  11. The Game Can't Love You Back

    The Game Can't Love You Back

    by Karole Cozzo
  12. Spinning


    by Tillie Walden
  13. Backfield Boys

    Backfield Boys

    by John Feinstein
  14. Losers Take All

    Losers Take All

    by David Klass
  15. Second Impact

    Second Impact

    by David Klass