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  1. Red Skies Falling

    by Alex London
  2. Mind Games

    by Shana Silver
  3. The Merciful Crow

    by Margaret Owen
  4. Before I Disappear

    by Danielle Stinson
  5. Within Ash and Stardust

    by Chani Lynn Feener
  6. The Chosen

    by Taran Matharu
  7. The Kingdom

    by Jess Rothenberg
  8. Alien: Echo

    by Mira Grant
  9. The Weight of the Stars

    by K. Ancrum
  10. Mist, Metal, and Ash

    by Gwendolyn Clare
  11. Archenemies

    by Marissa Meyer
  12. Anna and the Apocalypse

    by Katharine Turner and Barry Waldo
  13. Last Pick

    by Jason Walz
  14. On a Sunbeam

    by Tillie Walden
  15. The Tomb

    by S. A. Bodeen