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  1. All Eyes on Her

    by L.E. Flynn
  2. The Girl in the White Van

    by April Henry
  3. The Friend Scheme

    by Cale Dietrich
  4. Deadly Curious

    by Cindy Anstey
  5. The Silence of Bones

    by June Hur
  6. Bent Heavens

    by Daniel Kraus
  7. Solstice

    by Lorence Alison
  8. Gone by Nightfall

    by Dee Garretson
  9. Oasis

    by Katya de Becerra
  10. Beyond the Black Door

    by A.M. Strickland
  11. The Tenth Girl

    by Sara Faring
  12. Mind Games

    by Shana Silver
  13. Run, Hide, Fight Back

    by April Henry
  14. We Are the Ghosts

    by Vicky Skinner
  15. Remember Me

    by Chelsea Bobulski