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  1. She Drives Me Crazy

    by Kelly Quindlen
  2. She's Too Pretty to Burn

    by Wendy Heard
  3. The Mirror Season

    by Anna-Marie McLemore
  4. Love is for Losers

    by Wibke Brueggemann
  5. What Big Teeth

    by Rose Szabo
  6. The Ballad of Ami Miles

    by Kristy Dallas Alley
  7. Ruinsong

    by Julia Ember
  8. Sasha Masha

    by Agnes Borinsky
  9. This Is All Your Fault

    by Aminah Mae Safi
  10. Cemetery Boys

    by Aiden Thomas
  11. Flamer

    by Mike Curato
  12. Gold Wings Rising

    by Alex London
  13. Ironspark

    by C. M. McGuire
  14. Six Angry Girls

    by Adrienne Kisner
  15. I Kissed Alice

    by Anna Birch