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  1. White Fox

    by Sara Faring
  2. Cemetery Boys

    by Aiden Thomas
  3. Flamer

    by Mike Curato
  4. As the Shadow Rises

    by Katy Rose Pool
  5. Gold Wings Rising

    by Alex London
  6. The Con Code

    by Shana Silver
  7. Now That I've Found You

    by Kristina Forest
  8. Traitor

    by Amanda McCrina
  9. Bright Raven Skies

    by Kristina Pérez
  10. Ironspark

    by C. M. McGuire
  11. Kind of a Big Deal

    by Shannon Hale
  12. Displacement

    by Kiku Hughes
  13. All Eyes on Her

    by L.E. Flynn
  14. Six Angry Girls

    by Adrienne Kisner
  15. The Faithless Hawk

    by Margaret Owen