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  1. Images for Daughters of a Dead Empire

    Daughters of a Dead Empire

    by Carolyn Tara O’Neil
  2. Images for The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

    The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

    by Axie Oh
  3. Images for Unbeatable


    by Phillip Hoose
  4. Images for The Greatest Thing

    The Greatest Thing

    by Sarah Winifred Searle
  5. Images for Cold


    by Mariko Tamaki
  6. Images for Ophelia After All

    Ophelia After All

    by Racquel Marie
  7. Images for The Red Palace

    The Red Palace

    by June Hur
  8. Images for Icebreaker


    by A.L. Graziadei
  9. Images for Love Somebody

    Love Somebody

    by Rachel Roasek
  10. Images for Serendipity


    by Marissa Meyer
  11. Images for Heart of the Impaler

    Heart of the Impaler

    by Alexander Delacroix
  12. Images for The Big Reveal

    The Big Reveal

    by Jen Larsen
  13. Images for Under a Starlit Sky

    Under a Starlit Sky

    by EM Castellan
  14. Images for Himawari House

    Himawari House

    by Harmony Becker
  15. Images for Gilded


    by Marissa Meyer
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