Descendant of the Crane

Descendant of the Crane

by Joan He

TREASON For princess Hesina of Yan, the palace is her home, but her father is her world. He taught her how to defend against the corruption and excesses of the old kings, before revolutionaries purged them and their seers and established the dynasty anew. Before he died, he was supposed to teach her how to rule. TRIAL The imperial doctors say the king died a natural death, but Hesina has reason to believe he was murdered. She is determined to uncover the truth and bring the assassin to justice. TRUTH But in a broken system, ideals can kill. As the investigation quickly spins out of Hesina’s control, she realizes that no one is innocent. Not the heroes in history, or the father she thought she knew. More blood will spill if she doesn’t rein in the trial soon—her people’s, her family’s, and even her own.

On Sale 9/27/2022

About the Author

About Joan He

Joan He is a Chinese-American who grew up on many of the great Chinese epics and legends, from which she draws inspiration for her work. She is currently a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the critically-acclaimed author of Descendant of the Crane and The Ones We're Meant to Find.