Fake Plastic Girl

Fake Plastic Girl

Fake Plastic Girl

by Zara Lisbon

Celebrity-studded parties that last long into the night. Camera flashes and designer clothes. And a body found floating in the Venice Beach canals.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Justine Childs is your average teenage girl, until the day ex-child-star Eva Kate Kelly moves in across the way. Eva Kate is gorgeous, seductive, and eager to invite Justine into her glittery world. Their relationship intensifies quickly, but there is a lot they aren't telling each other, and in the midst of the whirlwind a girl lies dead. Who killed Eva Kate? Justine swears her innocence—and she’d like you to hear her side of the story. 

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About the Author

About Zara Lisbon

Zara Lisbon is a writer of fiction and poetry. She was born in the West Village, raised on Venice Beach, and dreams of a flat overlooking Hyde Park in London. She loves and adores everything about Lana Del Rey, even the “terrible” SNL performance. Here are some more things she loves: air conditioning, abstract impressionism, artificial winter wonderlands, and falling asleep listening to the owl outside her window. Zara has articles published on Hello Giggles, The Observer, and Hitfix, as well as short fiction published in Attic Salt, La Miscellany, FORTH Magazine, Able Muse, and Cheap Pop.