Girls Can’t Hit

Book Girls Can’t Hit

Girls Can’t Hit

by T. S. Easton

Fleur is a tenacious girl who is displeased, to say the least, when she is denied access to the after-school boxing club and shooed into a “boxercise” class for the girls. Well that just won’t do. Taking a different route from her best friend, Blossom, she decides to sign up for the boxing club anyway. Fleur just wants to be given the same opportunities, what’s wrong with that? Things don’t go as smoothly as planned—her parents and boyfriend disapprove and the bullies are relentless. Can she overcome the obstacles and strike a blow for equality? T. S. Easton utilizes his thoughtfulness and humor well with this timely topic of gender equality. It’s all about being informed and empowered!

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About the Author

About T. S. Easton

T. S. Easton is an experienced author of fiction for all ages in the UK. He lives in Surrey with his wife and three children. Boys Don't Knit received a Carnegie Medal nomination (2015).