Improve: How I Discovered Improv and Conquered Social Anxiety

Improve: How I Discovered Improv and Conquered Social Anxiety

by Alex Graudins

A graphic memoir for teens about the author's efforts to overcome her social anxiety by learning improv comedy. Alex has crippling social anxiety. All day long, she is trapped in a web of negative thoughts and paralyzing fear. To pull herself free of this endless cycle, Alex does something truly terrifying: she signs up for an improv comedy class. By forcing herself to play silly games and act out ridiculous scenes, Alex confronts the unbearable weight of embarrassment, makes new friends, rediscovers parts of herself that she'd hidden away, and ultimately faces her greatest fear by performing on stage for all to see.

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About the Author

About Alex Graudins

Alex Graudins is the cartoonist behind Science Comics: The Brain and History Comics: The Great Chicago Fire. Currently hiding out in li’l Rhode Island, she holds a BFA in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts and has done work for sites like The Nib and CollegeHumor. She has a penchant for memoirs and narratives that tackle the topics of anxiety and friendship.