Ready for It

Book Ready for It

Ready for It

by Chusita Fashion Fever

A modern introduction to all things sex, Ready For It delivers honest, accurate information in a wholly relatable voice.

YouTube sensation Chusita Fashion Fever gives no nonsense advice on everything from relationships, sexual identity, your first time and the difference between on-screen sex versus #IRL. And this is about real life; Chusita addresses actual questions and concerns posed by her teenage fans. 

The bold package features body-positive comic illustrations and “fun facts” health sections, while Chusita’s signature voice is authentic and non-judgmental; straight and LGBTI readers are welcome. Myths are debunked and taboos explored—allowing readers to learn not only about the logistics of sex, but about consent, respect, self care, and the intuition needed to make mature sexual decisions with confidence.

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About the Author

About Chusita Fashion Fever

Chusita is a Spanish vlogger who lives in Madrid. “Chusita Fashion Fever” is her YouTube channel, and she creates video content on all aspects of culture—fashion, music, sex, and relationships.