Shadow State

Shadow State

by Elyse Brayden

What Brynn Caldwell can’t remember might get her killed. 

Brynn is a promising science student recovering from a bad relationship that sent her spiraling into depression. But as she puts the pieces of her life back together, a few don’t fit. 

Brynn is uncovering memories of being abducted and possibly brainwashed. It’s all connected to a drug that might be an ultimate weapon: a tool to control people’s memories. Now, to stop a possible terrorist attack, Brynn has to find out what she’s been forced to forget—and what side she’s really on.

Homeland meets Mr. Robot in this fast-paced YA thriller. It’s all told in the voice of an unreliable narrator who endures betrayals from her boyfriend, her best friend, her parents—and even herself.

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About the Author

About Elyse Brayden

Elyse Brayden is a graduate of New York University. She isn’t a spy, but she has gone door-to-door selling knives, worked on Wall Street, and long ago wanted to be a doctor when she grew up simply so she’d be able to diagnose all her mysterious aches and pains. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her family.