The Greatest Thing

Book The Greatest Thing

The Greatest Thing

by Sarah Winifred Searle

With breathtaking art and honest storytelling, Sarah Winifred Searle delivers a moving graphic novel about friendship, love, and self-acceptance in The Greatest Thing. Winifred must find out how to reveal her deepest secret in this moving coming-of-age story about high school, self-acceptance, and the life-saving power of teen friendships. It's the first day of her sophomore year, and Winifred is going to reinvent herself. This isn't by choice—she was perfectly comfortable with the way things used to be when she was a member of a well-established three-person clique. But now that her two best (and only) friends have transferred to a private school, Win must navigate high school on her own. But she isn't alone for long. In art class, she meets two social outcasts, Oscar and April. They're a little bit punk, a little bit goth, and they're comfortable in their own skin in a way that Win can only dream of. Through clandestine sleepovers, thrift store shopping, and zine publishing, Winifred finally breaks out of her shell. But there's one secret she can't bring herself to admit to her friends, or even to herself—and this lie is threatening to destroy her new-found friendship.

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About the Author

About Sarah Winifred Searle

Sarah Winifred Searle originally hails from spooky New England but currently lives in sunny Perth, Australia. She writes and draws comics, from vulnerable memoir to compassionate fiction. Her first graphic novel Sincerely, Harriet, debuted from Graphic Universe in May 2019.