We Are the Scribes

We Are the Scribes

by Randi Pink

Ruth Fitz, is surrounded by activism. Her senator mother frequently appears on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox as a powerful Black voice fighting for legislative social change within the Black community. Her African American history professor father is a walking history book, spouting off random dates and events. And her beloved eldest sister, Virginia, is a natural activist, steadily gaining notoriety within the community and on social media. Ruth, on the other hand, would rather sit quietly in a cushy corner reading or writing in her journal. When Virginia is killed at a protest, Ruth decides to stop writing and speaking completely. After a few months of near total silence, Ruth begins receiving wax-stamped parchment letters with a seal reading WE ARE THE SCRIBES, sent by Harriet Jacobs, the author of autobiography and American classic, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861). In chapters alternating between present and past, Randi Pink explores two characters spiraling into hopelessness and how each finds her voice to make history.

On Sale 10/18/2022

About the Author

About Randi Pink

Randi Pink grew up in the South and attended a mostly white high school. She lives with her husband and their two rescue dogs in Birmingham, Alabama, where she works for a branch of National Public Radio. Into White was her fiction debut.