Prepare for the Supernova: Week 3

October 10, 2019 | 3:00 PM

Prepare for the Supernova: Week 3

By Team Fierce Reads

It's time to Prepare for the Supernova!

ICYMI: Today we'll be recapping the first 15 chapters of Archenemies by Marissa Meyer!

That means there are SPOILERS BELOW

and you should stop scrolling if you don't want to know what happens in the first 15 chapters of Archenemies. Of course, we're not just recapping the first 15 chapters. If you want to follow along with the rest of our readalong (that happens to include summaries for the rest of the book) here's a reminder of the schedule: Week 1 — September 23  Start reading Renegades and print out your checklist! Week 2 — October 3 Check out recaps from Team Fierce ReadsThe Book Addict's GuideTwirling Pages, and emmmabooks Read Archenemies chapters 1-15! Week 3 — October 10 (THAT'S TODAY!) Check out the Team Fierce Reads recap! (You'll find that below!) Read Archenemies chapters 16-30! Week 4 — October 17 Check out the recap! Read Archenemies chapters 31-46! Week 5 — October 24*  Check out the a dash of ash recap! *Don’t miss the Archenemies spoiler-zone Q&A on Marissa's Instagram on Tuesday, 10/29! We also have a GIVEAWAY for you, so we recommend getting to the bottom of this post so you can ENTER TO WIN AN INCREDIBLE RENEGADES PRIZE PACK. Anyway.


Let’s set the scene: Nova, Adrian, and the crew are in pursuit of criminals, including a prodigy named Hawthorn--who also happens to be a thief who stole medicine. After a major battle, which includes Oscar and Ruby saving a civilian from harm, Adrian transforms into the Sentinel to try to get Hawthorn and the stolen medicine. But she bests him and gets away. Adrian’s dad, Simon, cautions him and his team to be more careful.
Adrian recalls the night at the carnival where Nightmare and the Detonator were killed. He’s upset that he never figured out Nightmare’s connection to his mom’s death, though he wonders if Nightmare is indeed dead. (DUN DUN DUNNNNN)
The Renegades call everyone in for a mandatory meeting. On his way over, Adrian stops by and says hello to Max (AKA the Bandit) whose powers allow him to absorb the abilities of others if they get too close. (Reminder: he is the only one who knows Adrian is the Sentinel.) Before the mandatory meeting, tensions between our couples—Oscar and Ruby plus Adrian and Nova—grow. There’s clearly a love connection in the air.
Ruby also invites the crew to see her brothers compete in the Sidekick Olympics and Blacklight lets Nova know that her request to work part time in the artifacts department has been approved. WHAT HE DOESN’T KNOW is that Nova needs access to this area to retrieve Ace Anarchy’s helmet aka her evil plan.
At the mandatory meeting, Nova is honored for killing the Detonator (awkward)—though she feels guilty because the real reason she did so was to protect her own identity. The Renegades then unveil Agent N—a solution that’s been developed to swiftly and promptly remove the powers of any prodigy it comes into contact with. ???? Nova is immediately angered by this new development, which effectively gives the Renegades the ability to strip others of their powers, forcibly and without consent or due process. Then, in order to show off Agent N, the Renegades bring out Winston Pratt (AKA the Puppeteer) as a test subject. Winston uses his powers to gain control over a Renegade audience member in an attempt to kill Tsunami. Nova has a chance to stop him but hesitates. Danna, noting Nova’s indecision, steps up to save the day. Soon after, Winston is injected with Agent N, loses his control over his puppets, and his appearance transforms. The Puppeteer is no more.
The council explains that patrol units will be trained to use Agent N on prodigies who are violent towards Renegades. Anarchists and the Sentinel are to be neutralized on sight. Both Adrain and Nova are worried about how Agent N could be abused: “Once we have total power, what's to keep us from becoming villains ourselves.”  Later that day Adrian questions Winston about his mother’s death, but it isn’t until Adrian mentions Nightmare that Winston responds. Adrian asks if the words “one cannot be brave who has no fear” mean anything to Winston, and Winston tells him a story about how Lady Indomitable stole his hot air balloon. Adrian asks if Winston killed his mother. Winston says no, but then he tells Adrian that if he brings him his first puppet, that he will tell Adrian something he wants to know.
Nova, Leroy, and Honey go to the Cathedral to see Ace Anarchy. Ace looks weak and Nova fears that he is dying. She tells the Anarchists about Agent N and asks Leroy if he thinks he could replicate it if she steals some samples. He’s unsure but would still like to study and see what they can learn. Ace wants them to learn how they can use it against the Renegades, but Nova objects asking how that makes them different from the Renegades. Nova then relays that she’ll be working in the artifacts department and hopes to find Ace’s helmet. Ace encourages her to gain Adrian’s affections so that they can exploit them later. In the artifacts department, Nova meets Snapshot and learns that pretty much anyone can rent out any of the artifacts, depending on clearance. Magpie comes in with items after cleanup duty and one of the items is Nightmare’s mask, pulled from the rubble at Cosmopolis Park! Callum arrives to take Nova around the vault where all the artifacts are kept and show her the restricted section, which Nova notes has barely any security at all. She soon learns that Ace’s Helmet is kept there, but unfortunately it’s encased in an indestructible chromium box, so that no one can use it ever again.
Adrian goes to the Anarchists old hideout in an abandoned subway tunnel to get Winston’s puppet. He finds an old subway car that appears to be where Nightmare lived, but has to rush off to meet up with his friends before he can continue searching. They all meet up to watch Ruby’s brothers compete in the Sidekick Olympics—a fun competition for non-prodigies. Nova asks Adrian if Ace’s Helmet is properly protected. Adrian thinks he could probably draw something and his dad could manipulate the chromium. As Nova and Adrian wander through the festival, they come across the statue glen from one of Nova’s only dreams. In her dream, Gatlon City is in ruins and covered in jungle foliage. In the center of the clearing stands a statue holding a star. (Does anyone else have many theories about how this star is going to play a part in Supernova!?!!??)


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