True or False: A CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Cover Reveal

January 16, 2020 | 3:00 PM

True or False: A CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Cover Reveal

By Team Fierce Reads

Fake news is EVERYWHERE.

Which is exactly why we are all in dire need of True or False: A CIA Analyst's Guide to Spotting Fake News. Truly, Cindy L. Otis is doing all of us a huge favor by writing this incredibly timely non-fiction book. But in case you don't already know why you absolutely need this book on your bookshelf, here's a bit more about the book from the author herself: We have so much information thrown at us every single day. With all the streams of news and our social media feeds, it can feel overwhelming to try to sort through it all to figure out what’s true and what isn’t, what’s important and what we should ignore, and where it the information is coming from. But there are tools and tactics with which we can arm ourselves to make it easier to find reliable information and determine fact from fiction. The cover perfectly captures that feeling of chaos I think we all have experienced trying to make sense of the constantly moving information cycle, and how learning those tactics discussed in True or False can help the reader find the truth.

True or False: A CIA Analyst's Guide to Spotting Fake News by Cindy Otis

A former CIA analyst unveils the true history of fake news and gives readers tips on how to avoid falling victim to it in this highly designed informative YA nonfiction title. "Fake news" is a term you’ve probably heard a lot in the last few years, but it’s not a new phenomenon. From the ancient Egyptians to the French Revolution to Jack the Ripper and the founding fathers, fake news has been around as long as human civilization. But that doesn’t mean that we should just give up on the idea of finding the truth. In True or False, former CIA analyst Cindy Otis will take readers through the history and impact of fake news over the centuries, sharing stories from the past and insights that readers today can gain from them. Then, she shares lessons learned in over a decade working for the CIA, including actionable tips on how to spot fake news, how to make sense of the information we receive each day, and, perhaps most importantly, how to understand and see past our own information biases, so that we can think critically about important issues and put events happening around us into context. Cindy L. Otis, author of True or False, knew that she wanted to join the CIA at seven years old when her dad let her watch her first James Bond movie. And after receiving her bachelor’s degree in international politics and her master’s in international relations with an emphasis in national security from Boston University, her dream came true. Cindy spent most of her career as a military analyst, but also served as an intelligence briefer to the White House, and later, as Branch Chief. She was the recipient of the Army Civilian Service Medal and the CIA’s Donald Cryer Award. Cindy now works in cybersecurity, regularly speaking and writing about political and national security issues for various media outlets. She also continues her life-long work advocating for disability rights.